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Understanding Signal Generators

This video provides a short technical introduction to both analog and vector RF signal generators.
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00:15 Overview of analog and vector signal generators
01:42 Analog signal generators
01:44 Uses of analog signal generators
02:49 Analog signal quality
03:27 Common analog signal types
05:40 Analog signal generator selection criteria
06:43 About vector signals
07:50 About IQ
08:28 Vector signal generators
09:55 Uses of vector signal generators
13:11 Baseband signals and sources
15:13 Arbitrary waveform (ARB) files
19:25 Realtime signal generator
23:17 Creating signal impairments
24:16 AWGN (additive white Gaussian noise)
25:29 CW interferers
26:27 Impulse noise
27:30 Adding phase noise
29:05 Fading
30:36 IQ impairments
31:26 Vector signal generator selection criteria
33:20 Summary

How to Use an Oscilloscope and Signal Generator as a Component Tester / Curve Tracer

In this video, we're demonstrating how to measure component signatures using a digital storage oscilloscope, signal generator, and a solderless breadboard. Resistor values are 1 kΩ for R1 and 10 Ω for R2.

B\u0026K Precision Digital Storage Oscilloscopes:

B\u0026K Precision Signal Generators:

Please watch: "9830 Overview"

Function Generator Tutorial: What is a Signal Generator / Function Generator?

The basics of function generators / signal generators. An LED dimmer circuit example is given.
Example function generator:
Main webpage:


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